My love for the technical aspect of music and audio in general continues to grow. I’ve always had an interest for mixing and mastering audio whether it was music or post production for radio and film. Below are a couple of audio pieces I’ve created and worked on.


This is a radio production mix that was made several years ago for college to display my skills and knowledge of operating the studios and software, as well as the radio booth. This combines images sweepers, concert promotions, songs, news update, and public service announcements. All of the audio has been composed, and mix and master by myself for the Florissant Valley Community College’s radio station.



Below is Coldplay’s  Adventure Of A Lifetime as well as a studio production assignment, which is a cover of  Coldplay’s  Adventure Of A Lifetime, that was assigned to Micah Dixon, Deryk Rumbold, and myself. Our tasks included finding a band to record an original song or cover, setting up microphones for all instruments, and mixing and mastering the project.

We could not find a band to record before the project’s due date son we found individual musicians to play their assign parts of the song. We then aligned each individual’s part and made it sound as much like the original song as we could with the short time he had.

The vocalist is Mary Allison

Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime