Animation is interests me since a lot of cinematic principles go into creating an animation while many animation principles and effects are always applied to cinematography.

This is a very short stop-motion animation I created for an animation class. It shows four different kinds of chips engaging in conflict after comparing the superiority of their difference until a wise bag of Munchies comes to show them that they’re all uniquely different but together they’re better than they are separated.

I created this to be comedic but it’s really a short and simple message to the human race.

I do not own the song in this video. The song is:

“Fighting Spirit” – Inspirational Piano Music


This is a short stop-motion added effect video and animation I created for an animation class.

The narrative basically shows the start of the character’s day as he (me) wakes up to a text from a girl stating that she doesn’t want any thing more of their relationship. Pink Floyd’s Us and Them will play in the background as it shows the rest of the character’s day from the first-person perspective while highlighting the depression that is being felt from the absence of the female figure. This occurs for a decent portion of the narrative while being shown in black and white, which symbolizes the loss of excited and joy that was associated with the female figure while incorporating some abstract flashbacks.
A turning point or resolution occurs near the end of the narrative, in which audience sees from the first-person perspective, highlighting that the character has reached an enlightenment or has come to a realization because of a soul resonating experience associated with a new discovery of self-love and passion (music). During this point, Pink Floyd’s Any Colour You Like begins to play. The narrative transitions from black and white to being shown in color. This will signify that the character is realizing that one’s happiness isn’t granted by someone else but that it comes from within and must be discovered, and that the happiness can be any colour you like or essentially anything in life you choose it to be. He finds a guitar left behind with notes that influence this and indulges in the experience.

I do not own these songs.


This is a simple 2D kinetic typography piece I created for an animation class. The audio is a snippet of the Greatest Secret Speech by Earl Nightingale.

I plan to recreate this and make it better when I have more time to make it as engaging as I’d like it to be.