Here you’ll see the transformation of This project was a integrated studies capstone course provided by Greenville College’s Experience First Program.  The site’s visionary, Bob Fry, wanted the site to target young adults who are leaving college and/or preparing for the real world. His goal is to goal is for the site to be a guide for them all while integrating faith in the entire experience. This was all brought to life with my knowledge and experience with web design and coding, with a great deal of help from Bob’s visions, Deloy Cole’s expertise, and my Core group The Transformers, which included Tristan Wesselman, Grace Backhaus, and Natty Hepburn.

Bob has many great and specific visions but sadly the original did not provide the proper justification for a great visionary such as Bob. Our job was to change that, or as We like to say, to transform

When visiting the old website, viewers would see an unorganized platform that was difficult to navigate and hard to understand, which ultimately left viewers in confusion of the site’s purpose and Bob’s vision intended for the site. Aside from creating and reintroducing to the public as an aesthetically pleasing website without broken links and images, our tasks included incorporating all the technical functionalities Bob needed to really reach his target audience.



These we’ve developed for the new site incudes…

  • Changing the position of the logo – Since everyone generally reads from left to right and top to bottom, we felt it would make more of an impact on viewers the moment of clicking on the page if the logo was on the left instead of the center, thus allowing for us to leave room to place “Promoting, Encouraging and Supporting Opportunities for Good Work” in the middle of the header, which will hopefully leave viewers wanting exploring the site further if they don’t already know about
  • Simplifying the navigation menu – We’ve simplified the navigation menu by limiting the amount of navigation menu selections and by providing the selections with more direct and enticing titles. Subcategories have also been added to certain selections of the navigation menu to further explore content of the section in a more specific fashion.
  • Categories – We’ve took much of the content from the original and organized it into specific categories that also appear in the navigation menu. These categories, specifically are, Opportunities Stories, and Trends, have a feature to show the most recently published content’s featured image in the slider on the homepage so that individuals who are frequent visitors of the site will immediately know what’s new or newest, which I’m sure will be very helpful and appreciated by visitors of the site, as well as Bob, since Bob is always sharing new content and ideas of his.
  • Linkage – Each post, page, and category includes hyperlinks and tags. The hyperlinks are clickable texts that either easily navigate viewers to other parts of the site in relation to that specific hyperlink or directs viewers to associated sites where they’re allowed more in depth information of that specific hyperlink. Also, tags on each page will allow viewers or visitors of the site to easily search the site or web search engines for that specific page’s content in relation to the tag they’ve searched.
  • Social media – In today’s world it’s important to be connected through the Internet. Having a website isn’t enough these days. People want to keep up with you and all you’re associated with, especially if they like you and what it is you stand for, and feel you’re helping to benefit their life. With that being said, we were sure to add social media icons to the top right of the header and the center of the site’s footer. This will ensure that people who are truly interested in keeping up with Bob will have the ability to further that relationship beyond the site.
  • Quiz – We were  able to incorporate a quiz that links participants to a database of mentors.