Growing up we all had a dream job in mind or at least something we thought we’d enjoy doing in life. For many of us, those jobs and ideas included, wanting to be an astronaut, police officer, firefighter, doctor, and so on. Not to discredit the great work and need for the people in those fields, but as we continue to grow and learn more about ourselves, our passions, what we’re good at, talents we’ve been blessed with, or even what is necessary to benefit the people and the world around us, those ideal dream jobs may often change. I too had those same thoughts as a young kid, but I eventually started to realize I was more of a creative, and that following a path that would allow for me to create and express myself would be a more successful choice for me.

It wasn’t until I was in high school that I discovered my passion for photography. It all occurred when playing around with a DSLR camera one day after school. The mobile app Instagram was becoming pretty popular at that time as well, which provided me with tons of inspiration and room to grow as a photographer. I naturally gravitated to certain styles of photography more than others over time but overall I enjoy all styles and just possessing a camera to document with.