Capturing the beauty of the world around us is something I really enjoy doing as well as something I feel is normally an overlooked art form. When doing so, there’s no need for a model, fancy lights, backdrops, or guidelines to follow. All you need is you, your camera, and the willingness to explore. I enjoy going out on my own time to shoot the beauty of the world around me because it’s quality time with myself, peace of mind, as well as an opportunity to learn to recognize beauty in the world and appreciate it. Recognizing and appreciating the beauty of the world around us is important to me. Too many of times we take the beauty of our planet for granted and live our lives without appreciating the simple things in life. Appreciating the simple things in life such as the beauty of our planet allows us to fully appreciate life’s finer things but when we tend to go too long without showing our appreciation the universe comes and take those things away from us. Besides taking photos that people enjoy setting as a device screensaver or that takes their mind to a beautiful place, I enjoy exposing people to the beauty of our planet in hopes they learn to appreciate the world more.